Wednesday, October 19, 2016

We're Getting the Band Back Together

I've sent out messages to all the old members of club I could think of to see if we can drum up a few more bodies in the pews for the "To A Bloody Pulp" Gotham City Campaign for the New Year.   It looks like Robert may rejoin us, perhaps.  I had some response from Joe C..  Dave H. has moved out of town, but still reads the logs and asked me to say hi to everyone.  Toby M. has also moved out of town, and I'm waiting to hear from a few others.

The Gotham City Background is really taking shape and there's a whole lot of depth to it.  At some point Andrew and I will share the wiki and all its gangster-y goodness with everyone.  I've got some gear catalogues ready--complete with pictures of every item--in a format that it can be printed out to cut into quarter-sheet cards.  I've started some work on miniatures and acquired some Matchbox cars to use as well.

This is really shaping up to be a good campaign, hold onto your hats.  If you can think of anyone who might want to join in, don't be shy.


  1. I may have found a new recruit. More info to come.

  2. Awesome, awesome to the max (still in the subjunctive mood of an unreal state).