Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The Path Ahead

For those who were not present Sunday, we've come up with a tentative schedule of events for the next few months:

October 23:  Wild West shootout, series of gunfight scenarios, each probably 1-2 hours.  Come late, leave early, won't matter

November and December:  Since Andrew is busy,  I'm going to run a Wild West miniatures campaign.  The basic structure involves  everyone creating a gang, and fighting a series of shoot outs and other scenarios for loot and glory.  I think we'll set it up as Tim vs. Jason, with anyone else who shows joining one side or the other.  Since it's not a role-playing game, and each scenario is fast, coming late or leaving early will be no sweat.

January or thereabouts:  Andrew and I are working  on a new Savage Worlds campaign "To a Bloody Pulp", for two fisted action in 1930's Gotham City

P.S. I totally ordered these super villain miniatures

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