Sunday, January 10, 2016

Progress Report and Call for Comments and Ideas

I think I've gotten all the House Rule systems patched together and into a rough document.  Likewise, I've edited up a Gear Book.    I want to put it all to bed by Thursday, so I can print them up for Sunday's game.  So, please go over to Doctor Skull's Workshop and read over the major pieces I've posted there and make some comments.

Also, if there are game subsystems that you've loved from other games and would like to see incorporated in this one, start a thread on this site and I'll try to get them edited in.

More also, if you have any ideas of minor Alchemical Items, lower price items that aren't quite magic items, but let people do interesting things in encounters.   I've added a couple to the list from the last campaign "Devil's Grease" causes one person to slip and fall. And, Assassin's Smoke, which is the typical Ninja Smoke bomb that let's him Batman-sneak away.   I have room for a couple more of those if someone has an idea or two.   Likewise, any interesting Strange Beverages could be added.

I'm planning to work up a deck of "Special Gifts", when a player creates a new PC, he will draw 3 cards from the deck and choose a special inheritance, skill, background or power from the 3 cards.
I deliberately not using a Skill System in this campaign, figuring that if a player can reasonably be expected to try something, he can roll vs Level or Ability Score when the question comes up.   But, the Special Gift cards gives us a little extra individualization without bogging down NPC creation.  If you have some special gift ideas, post them here.


  1. Very Attractive: Those interested in your gender and species are interested in getting down with you.
    Natural Poison Immunity: Bonus to poison saving throws
    Clings at Life: Bonus to death magic saving throws
    Lucky: Gets a free fate chip each session, but it must be spent before the end of the session or the luck turns against them and they lose all their fate chips
    Personable: Good at meeting people and making them friendly. Free re-roll to any morale/chrisma check
    Silver Spoon: Once per session, you may reach out to your wealthy relatives to help with a gift or a favor. They may or may not grant your wish.
    Tough: Constitution bonus
    Forbidden Secret: You gain a bonus, but using it would expose your secret which could lead to ruin
    Weapons Training: You may either gain proficiency with a particular weapon, or a specialization bonus with a weapon if you are already proficient