Sunday, January 10, 2016

Just One More thing

The basic list of classes in the D&D Rules Cyclopedia are as follows:
  • Fighter
  • Cleric
  • Magic-User
  • Thief
  • Elf
  • Dwarf
  • Mystic
In addition they have several "Prestige Class" types that people can choose at higher level
  • Paladin
  • Knight
  • Avenger  (evil paladin)
  • Druid (neutral clerics can become these at high level)
In addition I've added the following classes:
  • Illusionist: a simple add, a magic-user can decide to become an illusionist at creation by just announcing it, he then uses the Illusionist spell list instead of the magic-user spell list.
  • Gnome: I had statted these guys up for RC D&D a few years ago, basically fighter-illusionists
  • Bard:  I had also statted these guys up for RC D&D a few years ago, adapted from AD&D second edition bards.
  • Berserkers:  I had also statted these guys up for an old campaign, just a minor fighter-variant.
Are there any classes that anyone just absolutely has to have?   It wouldn't be too hard to port over some class from ACKS if it is really necessary.   It's mainly a case of stripping out the ACKS combat and proficiency features and extending the EXP levels up to 36.   But, it seems that really the base 4 are enough for most things.

I could see doing a quick and dirty regular--starting from first level--druid (just a cleric with modified equipment, using the Druid spell list, and with 1-2 powers to make up for not turning undead and having crappy armor). 

I could also see doing a quick and dirty Assassin, based on the original D&D assassin.  But, unless someone thinks we really need them right off the bat,  I don't really want to get into them.

I don't have any real interest in a bunch more non-human classes.  I'm fine with saying that NPC non-humans can have cleric powers without offering a PC class for them.

 In any case., as per usual, post or email if there is a class you just have to have.


  1. I'm fine with those classes. I'm thinking I might aim for a cleric this time.

  2. Part of me would love to run a humanoid character from that 'Orcs of Thar' book, but basically those things are just reskinned fighters of various types, with a few powers or drawbacks (Trolls start with crazy bonuses and penalties, but require so much XP just to advance a HD that the party would have advanced to level 6 before you hit level 2...on the other hand, kobolds take 500xp to hit level 2, but you're pretty much a fighter with a D4hp per level). Considering I just got through running a fighter type for the last couple years (NO MORE BERSERKERS FOR ME!) I'd like to try something different.

    Also, frankly, the less said about the character classes from the 'Tall Tales of the Wee Folk' book, the better (Pixies, leprechauns, and faeries as PCs).