Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Where Are We?

In an effort to answer the question, "Where in Baldgarth are we?" I did a little reverse-continuity snooping. If your ship can go 15 knots (which is generous for a longboat, but we do have the services of a mighty weather-controlling Shaman) from our province of Gatavia (marked as the red dot) we can cover 12.6 200-mile province sized squares in seven days. That means that from the length of our trip we could be at one of the following places:

  • Frost Island - An isolated island scouted by Northron Sailors (#4)
  • Jotunheim - An ancient island of Giants and Frost (#1)
  • The Cape of Drakkar - The Ancestral Home of the Northrons (#2)
  • Drell - A bare, rocky, kingdom of Neanderthals (#5)
  • One of the Haunted Islands - A series of mysterious islands filled with danger, magic, and treasure (#9)

    It makes most sense that we landed at the coast of Jotunheim because of the direction of travel and the description of the place we landed. We have seen a whole lot of giants and frost there. However, that might mean that the cloud giant fortress was sitting just off the coast and that our travel took us over the island of Ulban (#8). That shouldn't be much of a problem though, since this island is mostly a battle ground itself not unlike Gatavia.

    1. Number 1 makes the most sense, at least in my mind versus what I actually said.

    2. From Jason's map description, I would go with 1 or 2.

    3. BTW, weren't we supposed to die/be killed if we ever left the continent? Oops? Did I just "Chuck" us all?

    4. According to the log, Bran and Shadrack tasked the Skull Collectors with conquering all the Badlands (almost done with the exception of the horrors, BTW) and found a new kingdom loyal to the old gods (also on its way). He said nothing about leaving the province or the continent.

    5. Jotunheim it is, then. The mysterious island of giants and frost.

    6. look out for the ice giants