Thursday, June 4, 2015

Hackamore's Family in Cavano

While the Skull Collectors were dealing with the island of Noviodunum, The Masked Archer was shadowing his best henchman Hackamore as he travelled to Cavano to check on the news that he was the long lost son of a famous merchant there. Since Dave gets a reward no matter what happens (he gets a GM share of our treasure and XP for the adventure), and the result is only interesting in that it throws off some plot points we can work with for the future. To that end, I've decided to use the Mythic GM emulator to determine the outcome of this thread. Please enjoy!

  • Hackamore travels to Cavano with The Masked Archer trailing him incognito. Is Hackamore *actually* the lost son of the Leech merchant family, and the new heir to the Leech family fortune as Caravan Master Cassius (pictured) tells him?
    Odds: Unlikely Roll: 86 "NO"

  • If the purpose of luring Hackamore to Cavano wasn't to give him gifts, was it to leverage his association with the Skull Collectors for some nefarious purpose?
    Odds: Somewhat Likely Roll:02 "EXCEPTIONAL YES"

  • Lots of people harbor grudges against the Skull Collectors. Is this a trap to try and capture one of the Skull Collectors for ransom?
    Odds: 50/50 Roll: 63 "NO"

  • Cavano might also have a lot of enemies themselves. Is this an attempt to get the Skull Collectors to do something for them?
    Odds: 50/50 Roll: 48 "YES"

  • Is it something that the Skull Collectors might want to do anyway, like a mission to invade a dungeon or topple a dictator for money?
    Odds: 50/50 Roll: 24 "YES"

  • Why didn't they just send an emissary to the Skull Collectors directly? Why be so sneaky? Does this adventure or mission go against the wishes of one or more of the other Skull Collectors?
    Odds: Very Likely Roll: 32 "YES"

  • Chances are that king Amicus wouldn't approve of this freelancing. Would this job attack the interests of the neutral faith?
    Odds: Likely Roll: 21 "YES"

  • Is the mission to sneak into the quarters of the local priest of Jupiter and have him die messily in order to "teach him a lesson" for opposing House Leech's interests?
    Odds: Unlikely Roll: 51 "NO"

  • Is the mission to break into the newfound tomb of one of Saturn's greatest heroes and make off with an ancient artifact that has been lost since the dawn of the empire?

    Odds: Unlikely Roll: 05 "EXCEPTIONAL YES"

  • Does Cassius realize that the Masked Archer is shadowing Hackamore, particularly since they nabbed him specifically for this purpose with an "EXCEPTIONAL YES"?
    Odds: Likely Roll: 29 "YES"

  • Does Cassius charm and hold Hackamore hostage until The Masked Archer delivers the artifact to them?
    Odds: Very Likely Roll: 31 "YES"

    So here are the only questions left, and I'll leave Dave to answer them in-game:
  • What was the artifact that was stolen and recovered for the House Leech?
  • How will Hackamore break the charm that Cassius have on him?
  • What are the resources of House Leech? What is Cassius? Does he have henchmen?
  • Why did Cassius need the artifact of Saturn?

    1. of course these are dave's choices to make
      but being a cleric of saturn rinaldo would surely be pissed off if the tomb of a hero of his god would be desecrated
      yet if rinaldo was consulted on the matter he could commune with his god and this could be an just a plan of saturn himself to get the artifact into rinaldo's hands by using the skull collectors as muscle against those that have no respect for the gods

    2. Well, Dave's in charge at this point. He may or may not reveal what happened. Rinaldo may never hear of it. Remember, the tomb is long forgotten even if the hero is still remembered.

    3. that was why i put it is dave's choice to make