Monday, July 22, 2013

Mutants and Muskets, Episode 12

Jock (blue shield), Max (grey suit), and Pooh-Bear (brown apron) are swarmed by Hareballs on a hill in New Mexico.

A couple of notes from last night's game.  
First of all, the ape-sniper worked out really well, his position made the fight a interesting exercise. 

Secondly, I used the Mythic GM Emulator to pre-plan all the encounters and found that I really could have just re-rolled random encounters using the regular system.  It was good to do it ahead of time, the encounters weren't as spontaneously weird as other times (although insane clowns with blunderbusses on dune buggies does sound as weird as it gets), but I had the terrain features all mapped out in my head, and that helps to make the encounters interesting.

Thirdly,  why won't you guys fight the Apaches?  I'm getting tired of this "oh lets be nice to the Apaches."  Dammit, I have an Apache Chief Wild Card who can grow gigantic.

Fourthly, the "End Encounter Successfully" card was perfectly played to avoid the second run-in with the Insane Clowns on Dune-Buggies.  The "GM Emulator" dictated you seeing those guys twice, but once was enough.

Finally, nice job in avoiding and escaping encounters in order to keep the mission going, well played.

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