Monday, July 1, 2013

July Schedule and Beyond

The schedule for July would be July 14 and July 28.

However, I will be out of town on July 28.

I'm thinking of going for July 14, then July 21 (1 week apart).  And then back to a two week schedule after that.

Beyond that, the August schedule should be August 4th and August 18th.

Does that work for everyone?   I suppose I'll send an email soon to absolutely everyone.

I'm reckon Zach will be leaving us in August sometime to go off to school, if I was listening and cyphering correctly.    Perhaps we'll wrap up Mutants and Muskets with Zach's final game and then begin poking around with ACKS in September.   Maybe we'll do some test games in September (letting people test various classes and character options and get used to the flow of things) or do a board game break, and if Andrew is in fact returning in October, we'll start ACKS with his return.


  1. This all sounds good to me.

  2. Let's call it post-October. I want to see the stuff I'm doing now through Halloween since that is kind of LARP's wheelhouse. In any case, as I recall one plan was for Dave to start and then I would step in as GM once he comes from behind the screen as a player. Perhaps September and October could be those initial games?

    By the way, if any of you have a free Friday and want to try out vampire LARP I would love to have you. Find the campaign wiki here:

  3. Friday is always bad for me. We watch my father, so my Mom can go to her hair appointment.

  4. I'm looking forward to running a few games of ACKS myself.