Friday, October 14, 2011

I've had all I can stand and I can't stands no more

I'm really bewildered about posting comments.   I sign in with my google account, and it says, both on this blog and Dr Skull's Workshop, that my google account doesn't have access.   I can post comments using the "Name/URL" option on Dr Skull's, but this blog doesn't give you that option.  I seem to be able to post actual posts on both blogs, but not comments.  Seriously, what the H?   Andrew, could you enable the "Name/URL" option for comments?

Somehow, I posted a comment under the Early Memories thread, but now am powerless to do so.


  1. Honestly, I've never *disabled* the name/url option. For the record, I always comment using my Google account which I also use as my primary email address. Previously, I commented using my Live Journal account which gave me mixed results at best.

    That said, I always save the text of my posts before I send it. You know, "just in case".

  2. Okay, I've enabled comments by any anonymous user. I had turned that off because of concerns about spambots, but it occurs to me that perhaps that's the difference. Comment away!

  3. Yes, now I can do it. The Name/URL is included under anonymous, but you leave your name.

    I think I figured out how I posted comments before. I posted a comment under Name/URL at DrSkull's, and then moved over here, and it kept me signed in as "Name", rather than switching to my gmail account.

  4. Okay, be aware that if you guys post using a Name/URL or anonymously that one of us has to go into the blog under the Administrator account and mark the comment as "not spam".

    Dave's last comment wasn't showing up automatically until I blessed it in the control panel. I don't believe that there is a way to turn off that spam filter. I'm looking into it now.

  5. One more piece of info. I would like to include an appropriate-ish image on each post for this blog. If you post, and don't include an image of your own count on me to do a quick Google Images search for something to add. If you do it, remember that the background to the blog is black as you choose your photo. Black on black doesn't look the best.

  6. Procedure:

    go to Comment as
    pick "Name/URL"
    type in name, hit continue
    type in comment
    hit preview twice
    fill in "verification word"
    hit post comment