Thursday, October 13, 2011


I've been working on a new Savage Worlds campaign based on our very first campaign, and I'm doing my best to generate as many ideas as I can. That way, when the campaign starts I have a whole lot of material to bring to bear to make the characters' adventures interesting.

I'm finding that I'm coming up with a lot of great new ideas in new and strange places. Where do you Hacklords find that you come up with the best gaming ideas?


  1. Specifically, I've been coming up with a lot of ideas during my commute to and from work. Historically however, my best ideas have come to me in the shower. Odd, but true.

  2. Borrow stuff from Slipstream, some of the races, planets, and such. I especially liked the bonus damage from graphic descriptions of player's damage.

    Make a planet that has tons of Ewoks and Gungans for us to slaughter mercilessly.

    I've been reading a few sci-fi novels here lately that involved mercenaries in outer space. Perhaps that could be a hook or something.

  3. As for ideas, for me it's books and movies. I read quite a bit, watch movies, look at web comics, and occasionally read real comics. Stuff comes to me while I'm reading/watching it or, when I'm doing something mindless at work, really bored.

    The whole 'flying berserkers' thing in that one game I ran, came from a nifty book I bought cheap when Borders closed. I read quite a bit of the Warhammer novels, and I can honestly say I love the background in their worlds. Also, I have like a ton of old gaming stuff from assorted sources, that I pillage freely for stuff (like the shrunken adventurers in the garden adventure we just finished last session). I went to the comic store a few weeks ago, and plowed through their discount bin. They have bunches of old gaming magazines for like fifty cents apiece. I saw one in there that had an article that I remembered as being incredibly useful.

    I've run adventures (or even just encounters)based on old movies that I liked. The Thing I ran in Warhammer RPG, and the movie The Last Dinosaur in D&D before that. Hell, I've got a King Kong adventure for D&D that I've never used sitting around collecting dust. I've seen a lot of movies, and almost every one has something that's made me think 'That would be super in a game'.

    There's quite a few web comics that are providing really fantastic entertainment for free, basically. Schlock Mercenary, Goblins, and Rusty & Company all provide exciting action and adventure on a daily, or weekly, basis. Rusty and Company, as well as Goblins, really makes me want to run an adventure where the party is nothing but monster. Schlock Mercenary is a sci-fi strip about futuristic space mercenaries.

  4. My most coherent, thought-out, ideas are often put together when I'm cutting the grass.