Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Overland Encounters

Encounter Cards:

Each square the party passes through, or each day a group spends scouting a square, or each night spent encamped outdoors, requires the DM to secretly draw one encounter card from a standard playing card deck, with the results as below.


Card Result:

Joker:  DM’s Choice/Special:  if PC spends inspiration, then PC’s choice

Spades: no encounter

Hearts:  potential helpful encounter

            Ace:  helpful healing hermit

            King:  spirit or fey creature with helpful advice

            Queen:  convenient shelter or unknown dungeon

            Jack: helpful peddler with things to sell

            Number Card:  deer or wild boar to hunt, if desired

Diamonds: encounter with humans or demi-human locals

            Ace:  Noble, Knights or Leaders with soldiers

            Face Card:   Patrol (Knights, Archers and/or Guards or the like as appropriate)

            Odd numbered Card:   thieves, bandits, cultists, perhaps disguised as commoners

            Even numbered card:   commoners doing their business

Clubs:    encounter with hostile monsters

            Ace/Face Card:  serious monster (probably owlbears), coming right for you

            Odd Number Card: Orc or goblinoid raiders

            Even Number Card:  other wilderness monster

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