Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Considering a New Table

Our  current game table measures 5 feet by 5 feet.   I'm considering making a change to a 6 feet by 4 feet sized table.  That would give us some more room around the edges, with only a small decrease in surface area.  There are some advantages to the square layout, but I think it might be an improvement to change.  The trick is actually finding a reasonable 4x6 table


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    1. I can help build one. I'm not very handy, but I own a drill. Maybe we consider a double-decker table like this?

  2. I guess it could be as simple as fixing a larger top on one of the current tables.

  3. I do have table saw, sanders and a couple drills. You'd just need a sheet of plywood, some 1x2 framing and some sort of side trim to finish the edges of the plywood. Make it modular and it would be easy to break down and move should the need arise.

    1. I have no idea what you just wrote. I assume "plywood" is from the elusive Plytree?