Sunday, October 4, 2015

Best Epilogue Procedure

I think the best way to culminate/collate the Epilogues, in addition to just printing them out together, is to update the above map with all of the changes and developments noted in the various entries.   The other regions in the greater province are largely unchanged, but the Badlands is a whole new world.


  1. Badaxe controls squares G6&7, H6&7, I6&7, and J6&7.

    Badaxe Hold will be a majority Dwarven city (probably growing into an industrious above/below ground city). Boscovania will be the center of the Halfling population (and probably Bosco Tripod will become even more wealthy, smuggling stuff into and out of the area). Tower Graf will be the center of the Dwarven military. There should be a handful of forts scattered along the northern border. Squatter's Corner will be a majority human city, and probably main center of human population. If I was to say anything, the entire area would be drastically civilized by the organized military actions of the dwarves and the enthusiastic killing sprees of a large pack of berserkers.

    The small square just to the north of Badaxe Hold is where the valley of the Neanderthals hospice is, and I have to think that it won't take long for the Neanderthals to be bred out of existence, leaving behind a valley full of hairy, hardy humans with a knack for training apes.

  2. Edge is renamed Fort Hydra (improved to a class IV settlement by the time Helpful Bill dies), and f9, f10, as well as western portions of g9 and g10 that weren't claimed by Yoesville are part of that domain. The very southwestern corner of f10 has Sister's Blade (class VI settlement and small domain with the order of bladedancers)

  3. i 10 j9 and j10 are rinaldo's section have the harvest spell cast on the area so its great farmland, the death troopers is more the militaristic town but strong garrisons are still stationed with the diggers excavation and construction Co. , the warlock keep and manfreds massacre men

  4. The countryside once claimed by Lucius Bastardo including Pickerville, and the footprint of Yoesville are all ruled by Mayor Clovis with the help of Captain Louis Impetuous. The village of Hod (and perhaps the whole forest) returns to the control of the pagans. The island of Noviodunum is ruled by the Earl Max Beamis in memory of HRH King Amicus. It features the village of "Foothold" just across the river Patronus from Yoesville, and a settlement around the fortress at the far North point of the river where Earl Beamis has his court. The ruins of the former capitol city remains undeveloped, with several new tombs and hidden temples to Jupiter created in and around it. The ruined capitol is defended by a hierarchy of crab warriors.