Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Campaign Idea for Traveller: Fulton Galactic

Here's my synopsis about what my proposed Traveller game might be like:


BEGINNING DATE: Day 128, Year 1113 of the Third Imperium (purely coincidentally the day after the Rhylanor Express Campaign ended)

BACKGROUND: The Armistice ending the Fifth Frontier War was signed three years ago. Finally, since the peace seems to be holding, all of the war-time economic restrictions and controls have been lifted. Civilian assets that were commandeered are being returned; restricted areas are being reopened; and pent-up civilian demand is causing a trade boom.
During the war, the Imperial Navy had sent various fleet elements into District 268, a subsector of the Spinward Marches which did not actually have membership in the Imperium. Since District 268 is adjacent to the hostile Sword Worlds Confederation, it was felt that it was urgently necessary to keep it under firm Naval control. Now the non-imperial local world governments have arranged the end to the “protective custody” and the Navy has withdrawn.
Wartime necessity also caused the Imperium to restrict crossings into and from the Trojan Reaches Sector to the Rimward. This sector, also known as the Outrim Void, is a collection of independent systems, pocket empires and, at the far-end, colonies of the reptilian aliens known as the Slaan (sometimes incorrectly spelled Aslan). Now, once again trade and exploration vessels are permitted to cross the border to these non-imperial planets to seek their fortune.

THE SET-UP: Fulton Galactic Inc. is a small imperial corporation which focused in “trade and consultation” with extra-imperial worlds. Some called them “busy-bodies” or “know-it-alls” or “pirates” or “con-men” or sometimes “angels of mercy” or even “saviors.” However, at the beginning of the War, their main trade station in District 268 was attacked and devastated by Sword Worlds' commerce raiders. The station was then commandeered by the Imperial Navy and the surviving shareholders, directors and agents were forbidden to investigate or take stock. The company went into Emergency War-time Receivership and ceased to do business.
Now that Duke Norris has lifted all of the Wartime Economic Decrees and The Delphine of Glisten has put into place the Reconstruction and Reparations Act of 1113, the surviving shareholding partners and their heirs have a chance to recover the assets of the company.

Each player character will have to come up with a back-story, matching his age and career that makes him the recipient of one of the voting shares of Fulton Galactic on his way to District 268 to recover his property and seek fame and fortune on the frontier.  It will be up to the players to decide which of the various opportunities to follow up and whether to develop the revived Fulton Galactic as a trade group, criminal enterprise, mercenary contractor, security company, exploratory service or some combination of all of them.


  1. security smuggler type sounds good to me


  3. I discovered something cool about Traveller Map Dot Com, you can actually get it to produce a pdf Sector booklet, with 1 subsector map per page and the corresponding planet data for that subsector on a second page, just like the published booklet for the Spinward Marches sector that I customarily use. I got one rendered for the Trojan Reaches sector.

  4. Trojan Reaches? Aren't we in the Spinward Marches?

  5. I have many print versions of the Spinward Marches sector already. The Trojan Reaches is the sector immediately to the rimward (galactic south) and I thought it might be a good place to have stats for at hand. One direction the campaign might take might be expeditions outside the Imperium in that direction.

  6. this sounds like a lot of fun. I've always wanted to play a space game of some sort.

  7. We're space pirates. It doesn't matter, we always become space pirates.

  8. Especially if you let Chuck play in an early session and he picks a fight with the space police

    1. Noooo! We'll have to draft bylaws about going against the wishes of the Imperium. Or the Sword Worlds. Or local authorities. Oh for pete's sake, we're going to piss off someone somewhere. We might as well let Chuck be the instigator.