Friday, April 24, 2015

Upcoming Plans

Next session will be our last "lightning round" for a while. I'm planning on offering a flat 2000XP award to each PC and 1000XP to each NPC for each week we get through. I'm doing that because I may ask some of you to play bad guys for me if and when you split up.

What sorts of things do you need to get accomplished that I could prepare for? Anything I should be ready for? Some ideas:
  • Everyone Attacks Smirkenburg
  • Marlon's elf finally visits his new domain and puts things back together
  • The Masked Archer messes with more of the locals, perhaps assassinating Milton of the eponymous Massacre Men.
  • Figure out what happened to the Cyclone
  • Cleanse the headhunter domains of the taint of Dengwur. (As a side note, I'm now making a new demon fiend colloquially known as "The Taint of Dendwur")
  • Kill all the Therks and make Pulchester your own domain.
  • Attack Portchester
  • Venture into Dengwur's territory
  • Follow some of the tunnels of the Old Ones back to their territory
  • Recruit, experiment, build, and treasure hunt as usual

    Anything I may have missed? I'm sure we'll come up with other craziness. Just looking ahead to Sunday.

    1. Well, we need to clear the lycanthropes tribes out (which might be the headhunter domains, now that I think about it) of the area north of Tiberio's domain.

      There's still clockwork horrors to deal with.

      And we haven't completely cleared the isle of the dead, just a small corner of it.

      1. Murderface and Badaxe are very interested in populating that abandoned dwarven city we killed the lizardmen in last session. After the lycanthropes are dealt with.

    2. my vote would be for clearing out lycans

    3. well my top 3 votes would be
      put down the mangy dogs (or possibly capture them and release them in portchester if thats at all possible)
      pretend it's daylight savings and turn the clocks forward to their hour of doom
      or we can go down to miltons massacre men and just massacre miltons men

    4. Cool. I've got stats for the headhunters and their domains.

    5. Cool. I've got stats for the headhunters and their domains.