Monday, December 15, 2014

The Second Battle of Elfwood

I wanted to play out the second battle of Elfwood, just in case the Wormcult wasn't able to completely crush the elves. I wasn't surprised. Since the Wormcult didn't give away surprise this time, they won handily. The elves stayed to the last man, dying where they stood in defense of their homeland. I decided to go with the "Platoon" level this time, (30 infantry/15 cavalry per unit) which I thought would make things go slower. It didn't.

Elfwood Troops
  • 180 Light Infantry - BR 9 (3*3)
  • 90 Longbowmen - BR 21 (7*3)

    Wormcult Troops
  • 120 Heavy Bugbears - BR 16 * 4
  • 240 Light Bugbears - BR 18 *8
  • 60 Hobgoblin Longbowmen - BR 4 * 2
  • 120 Hobgoblin Light Inf - BR 2 * 4
  • 30 Hobgoblin Heavy Inf - BR 2.5 * 1
  • 0 Hobgoblin Light Cav - BR 3 * 0
  • 120 Goblin Light Inf - BR 1.5 * 4
  • 120 Goblin Bowmen - BR 1.5 * 4

    TurnElf BRWorm BRNotes
    133102.5Wormcult meets elves head-on
    2592.5Elves make their morale check - barely

    The Wormcult then pillages the Elfwood domain. They get a month's wages for each unit destroyed in battle right off the bat. Each day, they get 3d6 gp per family, 1d10x5gp in supplies per family, and 1d10 prisoners per 10 families. The stronghold is reduced 1gp per 1gp plundered and 1d10 per 10 families are lost per day as well. The attack happened on July 2nd, giving the Wormcult 30 days to do their worst. They had the Elfwood cleaned out in seven days.
    The profits of war
  • 20,687 Gold in plunder
  • 44,825 Gold in supplies
  • 1126 Prisoners of war
  • They reduced the value of the Elfwood stronghold to 179,458gp in value

    So essentially they broke into the fortifications, took everything that wasn't nailed down, killed everything that moved, and left without really dismantling the stronghold itself. One might assume that a force of the Wormcult might even take up the stronghold themselves. It should be said that there are several smaller domains within the Elfwood which were also stormed and sacked but offered no resistance -- which was why many of these elves fled to the East to take up residence in Diggers.

    1. i should start building an elfwood stronghold

    2. Wait. That slimy bastard has money now? We should take him down, once and for all.

      Seriously, though, without going into all the stuff for the mass-battle system, the elves never stood a chance. The bugbears alone would've probably won by themselves, just with their own numbers and toughness.

    3. That is true. They never had a chance. The Wormcult forces have leveraged-up their domain just to build armies, while the Elves were only set up for peacetime stasis. They would have lost the FIRST time if the Skull Collectors hadn't helped.