Friday, June 14, 2013

It has arrived

I took part in the "Traveller 5th edition" kickstarter last summer.   Well, the book finally arrived today (just when I didn't need a distraction).  It is a freaking huge tome.  I mean, like 600 pages.   It's a floggin' bullet proof brick.   I also got my kickstarter goodies:   a patent of nobility (Knight), a membership card in the Traveller's Aid Society,  2 25-credit coins,  the CD ROM copy of the book, and a set of Traveller Dice.

I have my Traveller needs burned out of my system for a long while I imagine, and it seems like it would take a coon's age to actually learn and master the new system (it seems remarkable unshy about math).  But, just from a first look, it does have the distinct positive of being printed in black ink on white paper, large and clear.


  1. At least another 3 years. So...when does the Death Ranger fly again?!?

  2. I don't suppose I could have a peek?

  3. You may certainly have a peak. I could even lend you the CD ROM pdf version to look at. In this case the PDF is absolutely essential for playing the game, in order to print out the myriad of "Worksheets" and "Fill-Charts" required to design EVERYTHING.