Tuesday, February 12, 2013

No Inspiration

Between work and home, I've been titanically uninspired in my gaming life. I don't even have any good ideas knocking around my head that I usually enjoy. I should try to make the next board gaming night just to get my act together, because right now I'm simply burnt-out creatively. Have you guys ever felt that way?


  1. Board Game nights have been fun these last couple times. Sometimes it's nice to have a 'game night' without having to work up anything too creative. Actually, I think Bob's 'Agents of SMERSH' is a fantastic game.

    As for creative urges, I've found it easier to sort of knock things together a little bit at a time. I read a lot, and watch a lot of movies. When I see something I like in a movie, or a tidbit I like from a book, I kind of note it in a gaming notebook. Borrow liberally from any old gaming supplements you can find. That's why I've kept the couple of shelves of old D&D modules, Dungeon magazines, and shit-ton of crappy D&D campaign settings.

    If you got the time, talk to Dave. He's been wanting to run a post-apocalyptic campaign, and finally decided on a Savage Worlds setting of his own design. After playing X-Com like a fiend, he wanted to piece together a few concepts from that game, a few suggestions from us at the table, and a desire to see apemen fighting apaches fighting mutant cannibals, and just see where we took it.

    Actually, most of all you might just need a break, creatively. Just relax, and be a player for awhile. Let other people do the heavy lifting, and just lift yourself, if that makes any sense.

  2. Yeah. I suppose I do need a break.

    I have always had such a good time in my own head. I feel like part of my brain has gone on strike. For introverts like us, I just feel so lonely without any stories or schemes going on in there.