Wednesday, April 18, 2012

New Characters

Next session, we'll have a few new characters for Marlon, Bob, and Jason. If you three could give a sentence or two about your characters and what drove them to decide to pledge themselves to the Order of the Knights of Orion I could really use that to introduce them effectively in the next episode. Feel free to share here!

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  1. Grodd is an exile from Gorilla City, on the planet 'Simian 7' (the emotional and spiritual center of Orion's apeman population). Formerly he was a member of the marines there, Grodd was originally sentenced to death for a heinous crime, but his sentence was reduced to being exiled after his lawyer discovered an obscure loophole in the law (Ape does not kill Ape!). Grodd wandered around, breaking people and things for money, until one day he saw an ancient hologram about the Knights of Orion. The program spoke at length about honor and duty, and serving a cause. How some of the knights found redemption for themselves. This got Grodd's little mind working, and he decided that maybe if he could become a Knight of Orion, and be especially good, maybe he would be allowed back to his home. So with a little effort, and an extremely large amount of dumb luck, Grodd stumbled across the Knights of Orion.